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I am a 65 year-old female that suffered for over two years with pain in both hips. I dabble with supplements, therapy and acupuncture. Eventually, I became home bound and knew it was time to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Over the two years, I had visited with two very good doctors, but only when I met Dr. Peterson was I confident enough to have THR. The care he took to properly assess my problem and thoroughly explain my situation, boosted my confidence and reduce my fear of surgery. Dr. Peterson replaced both my hips two weeks apart. The outcome has been amazing. I am free of pain and move with ease. Dr. Peterson and his team, Ryan Klenner, PA-C and Andrea his nurse are exceptional. Their care and enthusiasm for my success was so encouraging, and their level of competency is exceptional.

C.H. Total Hip Replacement

My wife and I were praying for the right doctor to perform my total hip replacement surgery and we were lead to Dr. Peterson. He was an answered prayer, my quality of life has improved and the pain is gone. Dr. Peterson is very serious and really cares about you as one of his patients. We would highly recommend him to anyone we met. Thank you Dr. Peterson for changing my life.

MT: Total Hip Replacement

I was referred to Dr. Peterson after trying PT for my right hip with no success. I was given a shot in my hip to see if I got any relief from my pain. The shot worked almost immediately. I was then given a MRI which showed labrum damage and a protruding piece of bone causing the tear. On July 1st I had a hip scope to repair the damage. On July 3rd I was at Hussets speedway watching Tony Stewart race. I was released to go back to my normal routine on July 16th. Thank you Dr. Peterson, assistant Ryan, and the rest of his staff for all they did for me. I was completely surprised I did not need crutches or a walker. I used a cane for one week and as I felt when going out in crowded public places. Thank you all.

BN: Hip Scope labral repairr

I would like to give the highest praise to Dr. Erik Peterson. I fell on a mountain climbing trip last year and did some major rotator cuff and bicep damage. I waited almost eight months before finally asking Dr. Peterson to repair the damage. It ended up being a rather difficult and long surgery, due to the build-up of scar tissue and the amount of repair that was necessary. Amazingly, three days after surgery, my shoulder, back, and neck pain were totally gone, which was something that I had lived with since falling. On the fourth day after surgery, I was completely off any pain medication and have felt great and pain-free ever since. Sleeping is once again an enjoyable experience and I am finding a renewed strength in my shoulder as I am regaining my full range of motion. I strongly recommend Dr. Erik Peterson for shoulder surgery as I believe that he is one of the best in his field.

See Dr Peterson perform KM's surgery

K.M. 59 y.o.: Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

I must echo the very positive statements already placed as a testimonial for Dr. Erik Peterson, his staff (Ryan and Andrea) as well as the whole CORE Orthopedic group. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to not only be a patient of his but also worked with he and Ryan in the Operating Room setting. Dr. Peterson has earned the highest degree of respect from staff through his utmost display of professionalisn whether its in the OR or the clinic setting. His interest for care is always patient and family centered. I cannot truly find the words other than "thank you and your staff for everything".

J.R. Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

I would like to complement Dr. Erik Peterson and his wonderful staff. I suffered for two years with the inability to raise my left arm above my waist. Among the many ways this disabled me was the need to improvise my shooting to a right hand pistol grip. Prior to being referred to Dr. Erik Peterson I had two surgeries, with little improvement. Dr. Peterson suggested we replace the entire shoulder, which he did; six months later my replacement (left) shoulder was stronger than my right one! I now agree with the friend who referred me to Dr. Erik Peterson when he said, "He did an exceptionally great job!" Not only is Dr. Erik Peterson a very talented surgeon, but his staff is second to none. When I have a question for them they are quick to find the answers. I can not say enough nice things about Dr. Peterson and his amazing staff, Nurse Andrea is outstanding! There's no better place than CORE Orthopedics, be sure to consult with them before you have any work done.

R.W. Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement.

From April 2011 through May 2012, I saw Dr. Peterson for a knee injury I sustained from a fall on a wet floor in March 2011. He replaced my ACL and repaired my meniscus in May 2011; in February 2012 he did a knee scope on the same knee to repair some further damage from the same injury which was causing me issue.

I would give Dr. Peterson and his staff (Ryan and Andrea) an A+++ for the many months of care I received from them. Dr. Peterson is a great doctor and surgeon, and all around good guy. He's very detailed and thorough all the way through initial visits in the office, to explaining what's wrong - in a language I could understand, to how he was going to fix it, actually fixing it and then following up to make sure it really was fixed.

Several months after my first surgery, I began having further issues with my knee. He never discounted my pain or made me feel like I couldn't really be having these problems. He tried a variety of non-invasive treatments (therapy, ultrasound, injections) and when these didn't work, he worked overtime to figure out what was wrong and how he was going to fix it. He eventually needed to do another surgery, but I knew the day of surgery when I woke up it was a success. I actually walked out of the surgical center without crutches and hardly a limp. I would (and have) recommended Dr. Peterson to friends and family needing/looking for an orthopedic doctor - he's one of the very best.

H.C. ACL Reconstruction.

I am writing this to express my gratitude and praise to Dr. Peterson and his PA Ryan Klenner for the great work they did surgically repairing my severely damaged right shoulder. I am a 67 year old male who seriously damaged my shoulder from a hard fall on a concrete floor resulting in a "massively injured shoulder". The shoulder was dislocated from the injury and after being put back in place I dislocated it again one day later during my sleep. A pre operative analysis by Dr. Peterson indicated extensive damage to the rotator cuff, a bony bankart tear ruptured tendons, including a complete rupture of the bicep tendon and so forth. The injuries occurred on March 28 and 29, 2012 and surgery took place on May 3, 2012. After surgery I was informed by Dr. Peterson that the damage to my shoulder was "massive" and even though it was one of the most difficult surgeries he had ever done, that he and his assistant Ryan Klenner were able to successfully accomplish all of the repairs that they attempted. After a day in the hospital I was sent home to begin recovery. I immediately began a program of occupational therapy with Cindy Sonnenschein from State Home Health Services. I began with assisted range of motion exercises in a prone position eventually beginning to do the same range of motion exercises in a standing position and after about 9 weeks beginning to do some exercises with rubber tubing to regain muscle strength. I am now 11 1/2 weeks out form surgery and still progressing rapidly. I have regained full range of motion and most of my strength and I have no pain at all. It hasn't been easy or pleasant but without the remarkable surgical work of Dr. Peterson and his PA Ryan Klenner and the excellent and compassionate guidance of my occupational therapist, Cindy Sonnenschein I could never have recovered so quickly and completely. I am incredibly grateful to all of them for their work and would highly recommend them for any orthapedic concerns that you have.

W.D. Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair.

I am 36 years old and have suffered for many years from primarily right hip pain. My Rheumatologist ordered an MRI Arthogram(dye injected then viewed moving through the area during MRI) and referred me immediately to Dr. Peterson at Core Orthopedics. My first appointment was at the end of April 2012 one week after the MRI. I assumed because of my age that a simple scope would fix the problem. Imagine my surprise when Dr. Peterson told me I would need a total hip replace, for both hips. He said we will do the worst one first which was my right and hopefully that would buy us time with my left. His personable, caring, friendly, and thorough communication gave me instant trust. He always took his time, never hurried me out of the office and personally calling me on a Friday night at 6pm to answer my questions. I knew he had my best interest in mind. We scheduled surgery for June 7th at 10am. Dr. Peterson spend a great deal of pre-op time calming my nerves and answering any little question my family or myself had. I was back in the operating room by 10am and out at 12:30pm. I was moved from recovery to my room by 2pm. Up and out of bed using the restroom by 2:30pm and remarkably, home in my own bed by 1pm Friday June 8th. I contribute that completely to the fantastically, amazing surgeon Dr. Erik Peterson is. In my opinion his operating skills are beyond compare. I was able to go up and down my stair by Saturday the 9th and worked the next week with little to no pain or need for pain medication. I used a walker for only a couple days, followed by a cane for a couple more. I am now 3 weeks post op and walking better than I did before surgery. The pain I had suffered with for years is gone. My incision is healed and looks like it will barely scar. Since, I am female that is very important. There are not enough words of praise I can give when describing Dr. Peterson and his entire staff. His PA Ryan Klenner, Nursing Staff, and Office staff made it easy. I am actually looking forward to having my left hip done later this year and moving on to a much more active life.

Side Note: I have a close family friend who is an Orthopedic Surgeon at Sloan Kettering in NYC. When I mention Dr. Erik Peterson to him prior to surgery. He answered back with the up most praise one surgeon can give another. He used words like "one of the best", "remarkable", and told me I was in "the greatest hands."

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K.L. Mobile Bearing Hip

I had my left hip total hip replacement in the spring of 2010 & my right hip total hip replacement this past April 11, 2012. Dr. Peterson is a excellent surgeon. I had quick recovery with both hip replacement. I had some pool therapy with the last replacement & I would recommend pool therapy - it deffinately helps with being able to get your flexability back. I am a retired biologist, 75 yrs. old. I like to do a lot of outdoor activities (i.e. hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, etc). I was able to walk with a cane & harvest 2 nice turkey gobblers during late April & early May 201a few weeks after surgery.

I also have a big garden & used hoe & rototiller. I could use the hoe as a cruch when getting down on the ground, When hunting & gardening this spring after surgery, I hac to make sure that I didn't flex my right hip in positions that may have caused dislocation - I followed Dr. Peterson's recommendations. I have a pedomiter on my cell phone. I walked 70.3 miles during May 2012, with the longest day being 7.1 miles. Dr. Peterson keeps up on all the new orthorpedic technology. My last replacement was a upgrade with new technology. I would highly recommend Dr. Peterson for orthorpedic surgery.

R.H. Hip Replacement

I am a 62 year old woman and I felt like 80+ when I went to see Dr. Peterson with the constant pain in my left leg and hip. I had had the other hip replaced 1 1/2 years earlier, and that leg continued to feel weak. Dr Peterson assured me I would be able to put full weight on the new hip in 48 hours; I did. He told me my legs would be even; they are! He told me that he would use the best appliance for my joint and he tried several components for the best fit. I have NO pain and that is the greatest blessing! Thank you, Dr. Peterson!

M.A. Hip Replacement

During are first camping trip this summer, also the only one. I broke my ankle in 2 places. I've never had a broken bone before. Therefore I was very scared about what was going to happen. My ankle swelled up 4 times the size it should be. My thought was oh my god now what. But then Dr. Peterson came to see me in the ER and calm me down right away. He is so caring and he really takes his time to explain ever step of the way in his exam with me. He had to do surgery the next day on a Sunday, I was so thankful for such a great surgeon. I would recommend him to everyone I see. He had to put in plate and screws. I remember waking up from surgery and I didn't have much pain. It took 5 weeks to get back to work, but he seen me two weeks after surgery and toke xrays and everything was healing as it should. Because he takes the time to tell you what you can do and not do. I follow all his instructions as he told me and I my breaks in my ankle have healed. I'm so grateful for Dr. Peterson what a great surgeon. Thank you so much for the great care you having given me. Thank you for also taking the time to answer all my questions. Your the Best.

B.N. Broken Ankle

I am a 77 year old female who fell on a jetty in Corpus Christi, TX. last April. I fell straight forward landing on the palms of both hands. I felt instant pain in my right shoulder, therefore, we went to ER where they x-rayed the shoulder. No fractures were found, but I was advised to see my primary physician as soon as I returned home. I did this and she resent me to Physical Therapy. After several sessions it was determined an MRI should be done and this did show considerable damage. Rotator cuff plus tendon tearing and disruption. My very knowlegeable therapist suggested I have Dr. Erik Peterson look at my MRI. Subsequently, on June 6th, I had surgery. Dr. Peterson was able to scope the shoulder (very minute scarring and very little discomfort). I was given a continuous interscalene nerve block which was removed in 3 days. Also used an ice machine. I wore a sling for 1 month and started PT again. I used pain medication for only 1 week. My Physical Therapist followed Dr. Peterson's instructions to the tee and I had no problems. As of today I'm released (having met all my requirements)! I will check back with Dr. Peterson in April, 2012. Dr. Peterson gives you his full attention and treats you as if you are his only patient. His PA, Ryan and his nurse, Andrea are also caring, personable and above all knowlegeable. Did I forget to mention that I am a retired RN who has seen her share of rotator cuff surgeries and heard the horror stories about the "painful rehab". I think it's all in Dr. Peterson's expertise in using the Arthroscopic procedure versus cutting open the shoulder. Anyway, if I were to injure another bone, I know for sure where I would be headed. Thanks again Dr. Peterson, Ryan and Andrea. I can once again play golf, bean bag and Wii bowling in Texas this next winter. And for the record—-I am right handed.

B.I. Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

I was referred to Dr. Peterson by my primary physician. I needed hip replacement and had been told by other surgeons that because of an infection in my hip I could never have replacement done. Those surgeons were recommending a hip fusion, which would leave me in constant severe pain due to the bone grinding on bone. I would have been basically confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Dr. Peterson had X-rays taken of my hip and checked to see if I had any infection remaining, which I did not, then he explained to me how he could do the hip replacement. The surgery was done May 5th and I am getting around great. I am able to climb in and out of a tractor and do things I have not done in about two years.

Thank you so much Dr. Peterson and Staff.

D.N. Complex Hip Replacement

For the last three years I gradually gave up a big part of my life. I cut back on running, mountain biking, skiing, working out, walking my dog, and then just walking. By March, I could hardly walk to my car. Dr. Peterson gave me it all back, all of it! Three months ago I had both hips replaced. I am back at the gym working hard to be ready to bike, run, and ski by this fall. I can walk as far as I want, bike as far as I want, and for the first time in three years I have no pain! Thank you Dr. Peterson.

I knew from the very first visit that Dr. Peterson was the physician I could trust to give me back the active life I love. At 50 years old, I had both hips replaced and three months later I feel better and stronger than I have in over three years and I am pain free! Thank you Dr. Peterson.

M.J. Double Hip Replacement, Mobile Bearing Hips

Stryker Learn more about Stryker mobile bearing hip replacement.

At my first visit, Dr. Peterson was patient and listened to my history. Following the visits, his procedural skills were excellent. He is both compassionate and a technically skilled surgeon. Equally impressive is his care team, which responded to my concerns, relayed information and questions, and gave me a smile each time I came in. Dr. Peterson and his team not only provide high quality care, but also are caring people. We are extremely fortunate to have this level of exceptional care available here in the region.

Thank you for the excellent care I received at CORE Orthopedics. I am happy to say things are going well for me and most days I have little pain. What an improvement! My life is manageable again and I am able to take care of my family and do most things I did before all the pain started. It was hard to realize how much pain I had been in and how much if affected me. I’m so thankful to be doing well and thank you for your care.

K.M. Bilateral Nerve Decompressions

In October 2010, I fell and ended up with my right knee at a 45-degree angle, bent towards the left leg. Dr. Erik Peterson was a godsend when I was flown from Appleton, Minnesota to Sioux Falls for treatment. I tore ligaments on three sides and injured the fourth. He felt, due to my age, I should have an exterior stabilizer and let it heal. Hating to admit I was old (66) and having many people telling me to get a second opinion, go to Mayo Clinic, have surgery, etc., it was troubling. I am so glad I trusted Dr. Peterson’s judgment. He is a kind, understanding, and patient doctor. He explained his reasoning and shared looking at X-rays. I’m walking fine now. I mow lawns, garden, pain, bicycle, and surgery might not have been successful with cadaver ligaments needed. Besides that, I would have taken longer to heal, say nothing about the risk, pain, and cost.

J.G. Knee Dislocation

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